is a poet,emcee, and teaching artist and has written and performed across the United States. In 2009 theArizona Commission on the Arts selected him for its roster of Teaching Artists. In 2010 he became the first undergraduate teaching artist for the Young Writers Programat Arizona State University where he received his degree in English in 2011. In addition to visiting nearly thirty high schools each year, Hepworth makes a living with his art by performing at universities, youth centers, group homes, museums, and theaters. He has competed on three National Poetry Slam teams and co-founded and coached the Phoenix youth team to consecutive appearances at the Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam.  In 2011 Myrlin released his first collection of poems, From the Rooftops and in July of 2013 released his first hip hop mixtape entitled The Funky Autopsy.

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Praise for Myrlin….


“Myrlin is a rare example of the poet who truly understands that this, our most ancient art, is a spoken form and that— to paraphrase Italo Calvino— it is actually not the voice that commands the story, but the ears that are there to hear it.

Myrlin’s best work exists exactly there in that intense and living connection between the poet and those who come to listen to him with such keen attention. His work is alive precisely because he is present to his audience, there —either in person or on the page —to bodily deliver the story he wants to tell.

I’ve seen Myrlin enchant an entire room filled with folks of every age and background, all of whom are obviously moved because they feel profoundly seen by him.  He uses language in a mix of precise imagery carried along by the incantatory rhythms of hip hop. He is at home in the high and low elegance of the American vernacular that it might put you in mind of Ginsberg.  All this and all the more astonishing to find in one so young.”

—Jane Vandenburgh, novelist, writer of nonfiction, most recently The Wrong Dog Dream: A True Romance.

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“Myrlin Hepworth was raised on poetry. I watched this happen—his bright eyes taking in the rhythm and sweep of the world, and from a young age his head turned to listen. When he reappeared in my life he was performing poems he had forged into shape with all the deft hammers of his soul. He took what his beautiful parents gave, and made it bigger, deeper—made the gifts he had received sing. He took spoken poetry in his own direction, for arias of rhythm, grace, and heart. When I watch him work an audience, they gasp, laugh, cry, and go forth with a new sense of their own power. And when he engages young writers, his work is clear, gentle, skillful, and wise. I would follow him down the path of any story he chooses to tell. “

—Kim Stafford, author of The Muses Among Us: Eloquent Listening
and Other Pleasures of the Writer’s Craft

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  1. I’ve seen you around the high school where I work… I think what you’re doing with the students is really awesome. Thanks for being a great role model!

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