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New Poem Released as Part of #TenThousandListeners Campaign

I have scores of unreleased poetry piled up on my computer(s). As part of offering new content in exchange for the success of our #TenThousandListeners campaign I going to five poems between now and the end of May.  Below is the first. In other news we are having this really amazing concert at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix on May 24th check it out!  Click Here For Tickets


From The Cypher


OHGEEWOWZERS! So You’re that Rap Poet, Slam Bambaree Poet Right?

by Myrlin Hepworth

If you have to cut my
art down
to one labeling word,
think of your tongue as an axe.

a giant tree
uprooted and laying on its side.
Beneath the tree
the roots hang in clumps,
tangled and wrapped as tight as the history of a drum.
They are twisted colors: whites and browns and pinks and blacks— drying in the fresh muck.

Above the roots at the head of the tree,
there is a Man covered in dirt.
He is pushing and digging and pulling,
trying to lift the tree back up, to wake the roots back up.
From the top of the shaking tree a single leaf hangs on,
it is the greenest hope, the highest mark,
the freshest dream attempting to bloom in a world
of evolving shade.

I don’t say if my art is Man, root, tree, or leaf

but when I believe in the spirit
of all things
each word feels like dirt to me
feels like crushed up pieces of space rocks

feels like what we made of.

Whatever you call my art
if you listen close enough
you might realize
it is calling you back.

©Myrlin Hepworth, 2013



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