Hometown Music Video Released!


The song Hometown emerges as the second single in Myrlin’s music project The Funky Autopsy. The song features lyrical content that exposes hometown landscapes that span middle American rural communities and wind through inner city vistas. Hometown draws images from a common caldron of American conflict by addressing issues of colonialism, class, race, consumerism, anti-immigration policies, and other oppressive symptoms of the American experience common to any hometown. Yet, in contrast to these symptoms, the song draws from a separate pallet of images that depict strong, dynamic, and beautiful communities where familial love, culture, and peace can and do exist. The compilation of these images set in motion with the music is designed to provoke critical dialogue about our times and the future of our world.

In panoramic sequence, and in verse after verse, the scope of the film broadens from a small community in Northern Idaho to the metropolitan area of Phoenix, Arizona, and finally rests on a pivotal ledge of this vast global community.




Poem: Maybe-Date-Like

Like the hallway in an elementary school you attended when you were five,

how you can’t remember a word you spoke there, not a sentence exactly

as you flung it from your five year old body like a boomerang,


the exact dimensions of the hallway

and the way the blasted-out-light squashed over your stumble,

tripping past, coats, and hats, backpacks, and stray crayons on the floor,

as you sprinted through it all in an effort to reach the grass

playground beyond its gate


is the way you have tumbled your stare like an optic wave

on the engine of her hand lifting from her knee cap as she speaks,

the way her palm and fingers pull together softly in this search for meaning,

you know that whatever you meant to say has left you now.


Like the whiskey you stole from an old barn your friends found

in the woods when you were sixteen,

how the burn of its taste in your chest felt like an ember

reborn by the wind of your breath, matched by the caution on your face,

was proof you were headed some other place beyond boyhood—

the way you couldn’t avoid calling your naïve laughter brave,


is the way the bartender stands in the background like a blurred out name,

as you lift your eyes past her shoulders and into a coded dance

of looking downward and inward and back at her

as if this dance were enough to explain your gratitude

for the dissipation of time she has granted you by her lips

and the swift whit of her intellect,

you know whatever you thought you wanted to say has left you now.


Like the way you stood on the banks of a river

with your father when you were nine,

how you can’t remember exactly what questions

you poured from your body like a waterfall

like the filaments of the canyon bursting open your inquisitive eyes

to scale the size of your hands against a sunrise

rippling its reflection through the shoreline of that uninhabited place


is the way you have come to know more of your possible-self

inside the current of your words pooling up on the banks

of her swaying, nodding, laugh, as her jaw line

roots itself like a tree waiting for the breeze to break

so it can spring itself straight and certain,

you know there are too many reasons you’ve been here this long.


You know what it is to get a long,

to wonder at yourself in a campfire of someone else’s light,

to be enough kindling and ground to push oxygen into flame,

and flame into night, to know the euphoric balance of life

at its most vertigo pace, cradling yourself further

into what you’ve made

in this world, from this stage,

this stool, this patio,

this place.


Adult lives can make the word office, sound like a cage,

the word love like a command with it’s own set of chains,

the word alone like a grave

the word forever like never again

the word date like never again, like desperate— like wait—like hey—like…


…call me? Maybe?

New Song: “Old Story” Available on iTunes!

We are excited to offer this #ThursdayRelease by presenting a new and original song, “Old Story” (feat. Swif, Elly Smith, & Sean Avery). Produced by Phoenix’s own Mic Maven, the instrumental provides a dark yet melodic soundscape fitting for the gritty rhyme patterns offered by MC’s Myrlin and Sean Avery and soulful vocalizations by singers Elly Smith and Swif.    Available on iTunes now!


New Song: Old Story Available on iTunes Now!

We are excited to offer this #ThursdayRelease by presenting a new and original song, “Old Story” (feat. Swif, Elly Smith, & Sean Avery). Produced by Phoenix’s own Mic Maven, the instrumental provides a dark yet melodic soundscape fitting for the gritty rhyme patterns offered by MC’s Myrlin and Sean Avery and soulful vocalizations by singers Elly Smith and Swif.    Available on iTunes now!



Poem: This Moment With Her

This Moment with Her

by Myrlin Hepworth

You must try and paint it from your pen like a floating, fleeting, hallway of light and windows.

You know this act, this magic of transcribing memory, this creation, is no different, no less inventive, no less hard earned and truth than the way stained glass windows

are created to warp light into story.

Describe your gaze falling as slow as snow and ice from a spring rooftop as you explain

the way you watched your hand wrap into her thigh.

Build this window. Filter all the light tumbling red and sonic-blue from your lips.

Look at your hand once more before you lay it back down to type.

Ask yourself how long it’s been since you studied the details of your palm.

How long since you praised your body soundly?

Write the shadows of that room from your writing palms.

Twenty thousand blends of sky and street-light sailing through you—type.

Write and return to the sensation of your hand falling onto her thigh.

Gather the voltage. Gather breath and hum and stir.

Remember touch as a passageway.

Remember a grasp like an eyelid closing slowly.

Remember a hug like a prayer song—type.


You know her thigh is just one part

of a body connected to woman with unfathomable amounts of life experience.

You know how to use your hands to yearn you forward to understanding.


Shut your eyes.


This is the window—you’ve arrived—

a vantage point to peer at two lives—

two miracles—one millisecond— one time—

the two of you—naked souls with questions for bodies—

brave enough

to testify—

brave enough

to die.

Casting Call for New Music Video

Project Synopsis: A Letter to Dave Chappelle music video develops a grave sense of portraiture that aims to dispel the perceived glamor of celebrity and fame. It is a song of resistance, a counter cultural critique on American society, megalomania, and a public that often aims to elevate artists while simultaneously calling for, craving, and encouraging their eventual downfalls.   The song offers personal insight and comments on the well-known narrative of comedian Dave Chappelle’s rise to fame and his choice to leave his show on comedy central.

Current Progress of Film:

The majority of the music video was shot earlier this year in El Paso, TX. The final scene (listed below) is set to be shot the 29th of August.  Esteemed director of photography, Raul Hernandez will lead the shoot. He has worked with a number of revered musicians and hip hop artists including, Ice Cube, Kendrick Lamar, and Tyrese. Check out his reel.


Casting Call #1 for August 29, 2015

Wanted: Fifty (total) male and female extras (various ages) to play roles as “The Deceased.” Fifty (total) male and female extras (various ages) to play roles as “The Living”.

Scene Narrative: Myrlin performs for a live audience. The crowd is split into two groups. One side of the audience is composed of “The Living.” “The Living” move to the music with a vicious, fanatic, and highly animated sense of enthusiasm. They are representatives of super fans. Imagine “Beatle Mania” or “Bieber Fever.”

The second side of the audience represents “The Deceased.” They operate in stark contrast to “The Living.” The Deceased are dressed in black and sway stoically in the audience. Their faces are painted with Dia De Los Muertos face paint. Some of them have name-tags that read “Janis” or “Jimi” and represent deceased famous musicians.


Contact Producer Maxima Guerrero via email (maxima.guerrero@gmail.com) and answer the following questions.

1. Which role would you like to play? “The Living” or “The Deceased?”

2. Do you have appropriate wardrobe ( all black clothing) for your role as “The Deceased”

3. Can you do your own makeup (dia de los muertos) for your role as one of “The Deceased”? Or do you need make up assistance?

4.  Are you 18 years of age or older? If not will your parents sign the appropriate documents and return them to Myrlindo, LLC the day of the shoot?

5. Can you be present at 10:30 a.m.  call time at The Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ?

Production Title: “Dave Chappelle”

Studio: Myrlindo, LLC/Independent

Union/Non-union: Non-Union

Project Type: Music Video

Project Format: HD

Production Location: The Crescent Ballroom. 308 N 2nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Shooting Schedule: August 29th 10:30 a.m. to 4:00pm

Producers: Myrlin Hepworth and Maxima Guerrero

Writers: Myrlin Hepworth

Director: Valentin Sandoval and Raul Hernandez

New Poem Released as Part of #TenThousandListeners Campaign

I have scores of unreleased poetry piled up on my computer(s). As part of offering new content in exchange for the success of our #TenThousandListeners campaign I going to five poems between now and the end of May.  Below is the first. In other news we are having this really amazing concert at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix on May 24th check it out!  Click Here For Tickets


From The Cypher


OHGEEWOWZERS! So You’re that Rap Poet, Slam Bambaree Poet Right?

by Myrlin Hepworth

If you have to cut my
art down
to one labeling word,
think of your tongue as an axe.

a giant tree
uprooted and laying on its side.
Beneath the tree
the roots hang in clumps,
tangled and wrapped as tight as the history of a drum.
They are twisted colors: whites and browns and pinks and blacks— drying in the fresh muck.

Above the roots at the head of the tree,
there is a Man covered in dirt.
He is pushing and digging and pulling,
trying to lift the tree back up, to wake the roots back up.
From the top of the shaking tree a single leaf hangs on,
it is the greenest hope, the highest mark,
the freshest dream attempting to bloom in a world
of evolving shade.

I don’t say if my art is Man, root, tree, or leaf

but when I believe in the spirit
of all things
each word feels like dirt to me
feels like crushed up pieces of space rocks

feels like what we made of.

Whatever you call my art
if you listen close enough
you might realize
it is calling you back.

©Myrlin Hepworth, 2013



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New Song “Famous-Famous” Released

We promised you more content as part of our ‪#‎TenThousandListeners‬ and here is some. The alternate version of “Letter to Dave Chapelle” from The ‪#‎FunkyAutopsy‬, “Famous-Famous,” is now available for free download. “Famous-Famous” brings gritty vocals over the raw and classic sound of The Alchemist.

Check the song out in the links below and download it for free at https://myrlin.bandcamp.com/track/famous-famousMyrlin (Famous-Famous)


Check out the song on youtube

Other Music from Myrlin


Month One: #TenThousandListeners #Update


Month One: #TenThousand Listeners

Our first month of #TenThousandListeners has been an amazing success! We are currently working to get a an accurate count of  how many CD’s are in the hands of new listeners.  Although, there are CD’s awaiting distribution in the hands of backers, and at our depots in Phoenix, we know that as many as THREE THOUSAND CD’s are in circulation!  In fact one of our backers, from Oregon, has ordered 50 Copies of The #Funky Autopsy and will be distributing them in AUSTRALIA at The Touch World Cup.

We’ve Reached a Milestone!

Maybe even more than one milestone! Once we have an official count we will deliver new content: songs, performances, video, interviews!  Expect something as soon as this week!

Top Three Favorite #TenThousandListeners Posts to Social Media

Our backers and new listeners are awesome! We are grateful for the support and the creative posts!

1) Gracebeth13 with her dogs in scenic Colorado

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.34.05 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.34.19 AM

2) Shanewright321 went the extra mile to be creative and witty by insinuating that the mixtape is “hot fire.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.31.54 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.32.20 AM

3) tootz143 took a solid selfie of her listener number, which turns out was personally signed because the original number stamp dried illegibly.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.32.59 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.33.13 AM

Myrlin’s Music Featured on NPR, ALT Latino!

Cell Phone Check Black and White

Last week Myrlin’s songs Mixaca’s Alter Ego Walks the Blvd and Arizona I Love You But… were featured on ALT Latino on NPR. Check out the whole episode in the link below and tune in at 31:05 to hear Myrlin’s music close the show.



New Listeners Express Encouragement


Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.14.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.14.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.09.29 PM

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Hometown Music Video Continues to Gain Views

Ten Thousand Listeners Campaign in Full Swing



Poetry Feature in Phoenix

Thursday Evening at the Valley Youth Theatre Tickets and info in the link below!


Official Launch of Ten Thousand Listeners

The Ten Thousand Listeners campaign is here! This all started back in October when were still shooting the Hometown Music Video and came up with this awesome idea to create a campaign that distributes 10,000 copies of The Funky Autopsy to 10,000 new listeners, for FREE.  For months we raised money and devised our plan and thanks to the generous contributions of a few private donors (in addition to our own funds) we have everything in order to take off.   Check out the video below and get involved!

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